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WHY - Real Estate is a safe asset class:

Compared to most investment vehicles Real Estate provides investors with more security than most other assets, this is due to the following facts:

  1. Real Estate has a strong intrinsic value.

  2. Real Estate most always appreciates in the long-term.

  3. Real Estate historically has proven to be a good hedge against inflation.

  4. The Real Estate market is not volatile like the stock markets.

  5. Income-producing Real Estate yields a generally higher Return on Equity (ROE) than other asset classes of equal risk.

 WHERE - States such as Texas:

 Currently the Real Estate values in some States, such as Texas, are below the National average, this is quite noticeable when comparing price per square foot with like kind properties in most States. This enables investors to capitalize their investment dollars more efficiently by realizing better acquisition values as well as providing higher returns on equity.  In some areas, such as the East Coast, West Coast, and Florida, real estate prices are well above the National average and many experts say they are significantly overvalued.

 At present, in Texas, we especially recommend Office buildings because this asset class has a greater upside potential compared to Retail and Multifamily properties.

 Texas is rich in natural resources such as Oil and Gas, and its economy is well diversified, including industries like oil and gas, high-tech , health care and service-oriented businesses to name just a few. For real estate investments, we prefer the Metroplexes of:




        San Antonio  


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