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Oasis Investments consists of three main partners: M. Joelle Verbeke, Emre Karaca, and Robert L. Gray. Below is a brief description of their qualifications and experience.


M. Joelle Verbeke

Joelle Verbeke has 24 years of Commercial Real Estate experience in acquisitions, financing, dispositions and property investment analysis.  She has worked with Belgian, Persian and U.S. investors, and has acquired, financed, analyzed and sold millions of square feet of office buildings, shopping malls, shopping centers, apartment complexes and land throughout Texas and the United States. Ms. Verbeke is an expert in finding, analyzing and negotiating properties to optimize investor return on equity and property appreciation values.  Acquiring real estate on present value versus future value is the key to her success. Ms. Verbeke graduated in business from L’Ecole des Cadres du Commerce et des Affaires Economiques, in Paris, and holds a Real Estate degree from Jones Real Estate College in the US, she also holds a Real Estate License from the state of Texas.  Ms. Verbeke brings her expertise in acquisition, investment and disposition to Oasis Real Estate Investments.

The photos in this Web Site show some of the properties acquired by Joelle Verbeke on behalf of her investors.

 Click here to see a list of 25 of her acquisitions and dispositions on behalf of her investors 

Click here to see the March 16, 2003 Houston Chronicle article about one of Ms. Verbeke's acquisitions on behalf of her investors.

Click here to see the November 7, 2003 Houston Chronicle article about one of Ms. Verbeke's acquisitions on behalf of her investors.


Emre Karaca

Emre Karaca brings over 25 years of property management and development experience to Oasis Real Estate Investments. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in hotel management and was a business student at La Sorbonne in Paris.  Emre has spent over 15 years with Marriott International developing and operating large properties in the US and Europe.  While with Marriott he served as the general manager or director of operations of several properties including the Marriott in the Houston Medical Center, the Marriott in Frankfurt Germany, and the Marriot in St. Louis, Missouri.   Before working for Marriott, he successfully developed and operated properties throughout the US with Tharaldson Enterprises and La Quinta.  As regional vice president in charge of development and operations for both companies, he oversaw more than thirty properties.  At Oasis, Emre is the partner responsible for property management and development.


 Robert L. Gray

 Robert Gray brings 28 years of property ownership and 12 years of partnership management experience to Oasis Real Estate Investments.  After graduating from the University of Texas, specializing  in mathematics, he served as a computer consultant for the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and other research institutions for 10 years.  With his accumulated capital, he successfully invested in residential real estate units in Austin, Texas.  In 1992, he formed three partnerships containing a total of 23 properties which he has helped manage.  Since 1992, these properties have approximately tripled in value while providing a quarterly cash flow. Robert Gray brings his investment, management, technological, and financial skills to Oasis Real Estate Investments.


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